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Learning Spanish in a country were it is spoken is the very best way to learn the language. By having to hear and speak the language on a daily basis, students are forced to use the Spanish they are learning in the classroom in everyday situations. The student is immersed in the language and culture; it is on the radio, the television, road signs, in restaurants, on menus, the newspaper, during activities and in the street.

ISLS Spanish and Adventure Camp - Spanish ProgramOur classes are small and personal with professional teachers and no more than 7 students in a level. Our material is especially designed for our students to make the language come alive. There are visits outside the classroom with teachers to markets, fruit stands, the beach and into town. Classes are conducted totally in Spanish, causing students to have to think in the language right from the start.

The basis of our Teen Camp is our Spanish language program. In each location we use the highest qualities language institutions. In Playa Dominical and Turrialba we work with AEC Spanish Institute and in Playa Tamarindo we work with CSI, the Costal Spanish Institute. All are year round professional Spanish Institutes. They are well run, maintained and accredited institutions.

Students in the program have all different levels of ability in Spanish, from absolute beginner to very advance. On the first day of classes, everyone is given an oral and written evaluation with a professor. From this they are assigned to a teacher and a level. So whether the student has never taken a Spanish class or just needs to practice speaking the language, we have the level for them.

As with all things to do with learning, students get out of it what they put into it. Those that are interested and dedicated will get a great deal from the experience. Our students invariable return with a greater ability in the language. They go back to school and get better grades, they take honors and AP classes and most importantly, they speak better Spanish.

ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps

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